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The modern house has a lot of glass. This is designed to allow the sun in and to have a great view. So why detract from this feature of your house by having dirty windows. Let Just Window Cleaning clean them, let the sun shine in and let the view of outside be clear and brilliant. By using Just Window Cleaning you will truly have a clean home.

We clean all types of houses from small one level to multi storey mansions. No house is too big or too small. We love the challenge that some houses give us. Our clients have such confidence in us that they regularly leave a key out for us or go out while we are cleaning and we lock up when finished.

We care about you and your home:

  • We wear slippers inside
  • We rake our footprints out of your gardens
  • Put ground sheets on sensitive surfaces like kitchens
  • We leave your house like it was, but with clean windows
  • Our gear is designed to leave no drips on your floors and carpet
  • We use lint free cloths so you do not need to vacuum after we have been

Our average domestic client is cleaned 3 monthly, this regularity gives them clean windows at a fair price per year. We can do more regularly if requested. After our first clean, we contact you to ensure you are happy with the clean and then suggest you go on our schedule for regular cleans.

The advantages of this are you have clean windows all the time with no hassle (we contact you when they are due), we also prioritise you in our queues if you have a special occasion coming up.

Because we do such a fantastic job we are in high demand, therefore it is sometime difficult to do jobs at the drop of a hat for people that are not regular clients and want jobs done with very short notice.

We do not hose our domestic clients’ windows unless it is a health and safety issue. Hosing does not leave the standard of clean we pride our selves on. Where possible we blade all glass on all houses for a fantastic job every time.

As an additional service we can wipe window frames to remove dirt. Please let us know if you require this when contacting us as it is charged in addition to the window cleaning. For other services we provide please go to services.

After the clean we leave a check sheet that outlines what we have done at your house. If you are there we walk around with you and show you what we have done to ensure you are happy with the finished job.

The creating of just window cleaning has allowed people like yourself to have the confidence to let people into their homes or businesses, get their windows cleaned and therefore have more time to do the things they love or need to do.


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