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Blading of Glass
This involves the putting on of water with an environmentally safe chemical and the blading of the water off. The edges and sill of frame are wiped to leave a dry streak free window

Pole Washing
This involves the hosing of the exterior windows with a pole that has a brush on it; these reach up to a height of three storeys. 

Frame Cleaning
This involves the full wiping down of the window frames to remove dirt. This is done as an extra charge on top of the window cleaning price,

Cobweb Removal
If requested when quoting we can remove cobwebs from around your building.

Bug Spraying
We can organize your business or home to be sprayed for insects to stop spiders and bugs being present. This enhances the look of your building in line with the clean windows.

Scraping of Glass
This is done to remove stickers and signs mainly on commercial sites.

Scissor Lift Work
This is done in high areas where health and safety is an issue and the high windows are hard to access.

Building Cleaning
We can rinse the building or house clean first if you require it cleaned before the windows are done.

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